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Software Engineer, Facebook

I created Flow and currently lead the development of Flow at Facebook. Previously, I was a member of the Programming Language Research Group at Adobe Systems, where I focused on the future of the ActionScript language and the Flash platform, and for a while, served on the JavaScript standardization committee.

My research interests span the areas of programming languages and computer security. Prior to joining the industry, I worked in the Programming Languages group at UMD as a post-doctoral research associate with Jeffrey Foster. Between 2004 and 2008 I earned a PhD under the tutelage of Martín Abadi. Further back, I did undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Delhi, where I was advised by Sanjiva Prasad. In between, I have spent various summers at MSR, NICTA, and INRIA.

Professional Activities

  Program committee
  POPL 2017, FSTTCS 2015, STOP 2015, ESOP 2014, STOP 2012, PLAS 2012, CCS 2011, PLAS 2010, FMSE 2008
  External review committee
  POPL 2016, POPL 2013